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Surfers Island Surfschool Fuerteventura



Kite courses for all levels
at Fuerteventura


Surf courses for all levels
at Fuerteventura


If you would like to write to us directly, then via WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram!


Our station is
the central meeting point!

Welcome to Surfers Island

Fantastic beaches and azure blue water invite you to
kite surfing and surfing 365 days a year!

We offer a friendly, very flexible, competently conveyed, varied water sports program with a lot of positive energy. Experience the fascination of water sports in the crystal clear, azure blue Atlantic and collect many valuable impressions and experiences.

Our motto is
Better life with water sports!

Whether you are a beginner, a climber or a professional.
We take everyone to the next level!

Surfers Island Features

Kite & Surf Equipment

Top Kite & Surf Equipment
New, well-maintained & insured

Surfers Island Team

Certified surf & kite coaches
Our team is certified and experienced


Kite area & surf spots
Courses always at the best spot of the day

Fair billing

Fair billing
We only calculate what happens

Shuttle service to courses

Shuttle service to courses
We take you to the course and back

effective course times

effective course times
all course times are training time

Chat Surfers Island Kite & Surf Fuerteventura

Surfers Island Hotline
Write to us directly at any time
Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram or call us on 0034 618 200 710 

Kitesurf courses

Kitesurfing - get in the air with us! Water sports and especially kitesurfing have had an intense impact on our lives. This attitude towards life and the fun of what is perhaps the most fascinating sliding sport make up our lessons.

Surf courses

Surfing & surfing - get on your board! Surfers Island Small group surf courses at the best spot on Fuerteventura. With us you are guaranteed to learn to surf in a short time - with professional surf coaches and the best equipment.

Our goals & motivation

We try to design our program in surfing (surfing courses) and kitesurfing (kite courses) as individually and lovingly as possible. We as a team and each and every one of us are passionate surfers and kiters. For us, the ocean, wind and waves are leisure time and playground and at the same time office and work place. Teaching surfing and kitesurfing is not comparable to other sports! A tennis court always has the same dimensions, soccer fields are similar all over the world, but wind and waves are always different, although the location does not change! That is what makes it so exciting and varied.

The constant challenge of never the same conditions and maybe sometimes a little more wind and slightly more difficult waves, still getting the best possible learning success, let surfing and kitesurfing lessons never get boring. In addition, we always have a lot of nice and interesting people in our courses and around surfing and kiting there is always time for nice conversations to get to know each other. A lot of good friendships have already developed.

Surfers Team!

Our kite & surf instructors are well trained so that you can achieve learning success as quickly as possible!

Enjoy & Respect the Ocean

Another very positive side effect in our programs in surfing and kitesurfing is that we have the opportunity to bring our students closer to the ocean and what makes it up with all its diversity (at least above water) and to create an awareness of how great this world is and their nature and that it is always worthwhile to think and live sustainably in order to protect our world and its nature. Because without this nature we would have no courses, not in surfing and not in kiting. In fact, we have a lot of fun on the water and don't need that much for it. Sure, we need neoprene suits and surfboards for surfing and kiteboards for kiting, we need kitesurfing and bars for kitesurfing and leashes for surfing.

Of course, all of this has to be produced somewhere and costs resources. We also drive to the spots in cars and most of them come to Fuerteventura by plane. This is of course a compromise, but we are also aware of it so that we can teach surfing and kiting. All the more important to us is the trappings, such as healthy and sustainable nutrition, little plastic, generally little rubbish and a respectful and loving coexistence of all living beings under our (on the Canary Islands, even brighter) sun.

You don't have to worry though, we won't be giving any lectures. We go into the water with you and want you to have fun, whether in surfing or kitesurfing or in both sports. We are always happy about nice and motivated students.

Best regards and hopefully see you soon,
Your Surfers Island Team.

The place to be

In our water sports station you can find out more about surf & kite spots, book courses or just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere!

Bike & Surf-Kite Bundle

If there is no wind or waves, we offer you an alternative program. If you book the Surf Bike Package or Kite Bike Package, you will receive a high-quality mountain bike or road bike for the duration of the course!

Surf & Bike Bundle

In cooperation with Volcano Bike, we offer you a Surf & Bike package from 5 days surf course!

Bike & Kite Course Bundle

In cooperation with Volcano Bike, we offer you a kite & bike package from 5 days of kite course!

Accommodation offers & Kite camps

In combination with a course booking, we will help you to find the right accommodation!

Surf & Kite Accommodation

Most of the accommodations we offer are within easy walking distance of the beach and the station. If your hotel is more than 10 minutes' walk from the station, we will of course be happy to pick you up with our free shuttle.

Surf & Kite camps 2022

Discover a world free from worries and everyday stress in our camps. All that counts is wind, waves and the salty taste on tanned skin. You will love it! A few hours of class a day are not enough for you and you want that aloha feeling to run through your entire vacation ?! With BBQs, yoga sessions together, additional theory units and chilling out together, your hotel vacation will be an adventure where you will learn a lot, have a lot of fun and get to know people who share your passion. Sounds good?! Then book YOUR camp now!